mercoledì 10 settembre 2008

Propagandhi - Bullshit Politicians


Every fucking day
our cities tell us what they think of justice.
They lock the courageous away
as the cowards plaster the cracks spreading through the monolith.
But if this man isn't freed,
this city burns [x4].

"On this Day of Remembrance let us not kneel and pray for the dead.
Let us stand and activate for the living, to rescue those about to die"

At the hands of bullshit politicians
bloated pin-dick motherfuckers
bullshit politicians
who bow and curtsy to the seats of power.
We'll never learn
and nothing will ever change
as long as we stay this course of followers and slaves.

I can't believe we're still content
reshuffling the same old decks
of kings and queens and faux-democracies.
I say we hand it back to the
bullshit politicians [x2].

Brick by brick,
wall by wall...

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